How Fatland Came to Be

Our business was named for our Russian Blue rescue cat that shared (correction: owned) our property.

His original name was Chance la Roy. But as he aged and started to expand in weight (12 pounds of love) we started calling him Royfat.

We live on farm property in the high desert of Central Oregon, and Royfat loved to hang out in the sagebrush and climb trees. He patrolled and protected the place so well, the neighbors called our property Royfat’s Land. Hence, we named our farm Fatland.

 The wood turners, Cedric and Peevee, debating the merits of this downed tree and the creations planned for its legacy.

Royfat perched in the sunshine guarding his Kingdom of Fatland.

Cedric loves to surf the web.

Sir Cedric on his throne.