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Reclaimed wood from downed trees just returned from Davis Creek, CA.

Cat inspected and approved.

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(541) 815-3599


Many years ago, we began the process of studying wood, taking classes and experimenting with wood turning equipment.  What started as a hobby has now become an adventure. 

We travel throughout the Pacific Northwest to participate in various art shows during the year.  Along the way, we enjoy hiking, camping and the great outdoors that connects us to a simpler time.

From raw, reclaimed wood, we create extraordinary wooden items used in everyday life.  Salad bowls, platters, ice cream scoops, coffee scoops, pizza cutters, pepper grinders, salt and pepper shakers, key rings, pill holders and unique hand turned writing pens.

Our products are responsibly sourced from reclaimed Myrtlewood, Maple, Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Apple, and exotic wood species.  We control the hardware and design process while Mother Nature controls the raw wood.  Combining these two factors together brings beautiful, unique products to the gift and collectors market.

We invite you to own one or more Fatland Wood’n Creations that is extraordinarily beautiful and everyday useful.  We hope that our creations remind you of a simpler time that becomes part of your family history for many years.

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-Gary & Cathy

No matter how these beautiful custom wooden creations are used, with proper care, they will serve you well for years to come.

Natural Edge bowls have multiple uses; key holders at the front entry, ring bowls on the vanity or a useful place for a watch and wallet.  Beautiful and functional.

Platters are treated to be food safe; great for bread, fruit or cheese.  Pile a platter high with pine cones and tealights for a simple, elegant centerpiece.  These platters will serve you well for years to come!

Nature gives us the raw material then we coax the form and function from it. Abstract, asymmetrical this type of piece graces your home or business no matter how you use it.

Salt shakers and peppermills with heavy duty hardware grace any table from elegant to casual. 

Perfect for wedding or housewarming gifts in various colors and grains of wood.

Hand turned pens with custom hardware makes a wonderful gift for yourself or others.  We create pens with personalized themes such as nautical, western, hunting and fishing.  Custom pens are available; pick your wood and pick your hardware!

Hollow form burl vases can become a centerpiece or hold a unique bouquet of dried flowers and seed pods.  Burls removed from trees range in size from small to large and can be used to create timeless pieces of art.

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